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Tai Ji Men is an established school of ancient traditional qigong martial arts. It was founded in 1966 in Taiwan by Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, the head master of the contemporary Tai Ji Men. For fifty-five years Dr. Hong used his wisdom, training, and expertise passed down from his ancestral lineage to benefit tens and thousands of disciples. He has also traveled all over the world to teach qigong to people in different cultures. In 2001 Dr. Hong founded Tai Ji Men San Jose Academy to create more opportunities for people to learn and practice qigong martial arts. Disciples under Dr. Hong’s tutelage cultivate not only techniques to strengthen their health but also ways to refine their temperament. His teaching is especially beneficial for people in the Silicon Valley where residents often experience a high level of stress working in the booming high tech industry.


Tai Ji Men teaches patience and cultivates a conducive mindset and sentiment to cope with the increasingly fast pace of life and challenging work overload. It helps practitioners find a balance between mind and body, pursue their work and interests positively, and celebrate the joy of life in good health and bright spirit.


The new home for Tai Ji Men is conveniently located on De Anza Blvd. in Cupertino. The comfortable lighting and organized space inside the academy allow practitioners to relax and enjoy the process of learning. It is like coming back to one’s own home to share the joy with others. Everyone is welcome to join the Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy. Together we cultivate a higher level of consciousness and strive for a perfect vision of physical health, emotional well being, and spiritual enlightenment.




太極門是一個古老氣功武術修行門派,當代太極門掌門人洪道子博士承傳歷代先祖的智慧,在1966年於台灣成立太極門氣功養生學會,46年來,受益弟子達數萬個家庭,遍及世界各地各行各業。為了讓全球更多人有機會學習中華文化的氣功武學、陰陽智慧。洪道子博士於2001年在美國聖荷西成立道館。太極門弟子在掌門人洪道子博士的引導下練氣養生、修心養性,學習太極陰陽智慧運用在日常生活中。尤其是對於居住在矽谷地區,高科技公司林立,生活步調快速,工作課業壓力繁重的居民來說,太極門可以幫助人們找到健康快樂,積極樂觀,身心平衡之道。太極門聖荷西道館的新址在Cupertino De Anza Blvd.,鄰近各主要超市,公司行號,學校及才藝教室,交通便捷,室內明亮而整潔,置身其中,令人精神放鬆,心情愉快,猶如回家的感覺。歡迎所有尋求身心靈全方位提升的朋友們,加入太極門氣功養生學會,一同追求更健康快樂有智慧的人生新境界。








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