醫療救人是天職使命 美國灣區營養師堅守防疫最前線 文/陳幸芬

醫療救人是天職使命 美國灣區營養師堅守防疫最前線





By Amy Chen, Clinical Dietitian



Recent data show a surge in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States. The U.S. has reported more confirmed cases than any other nation. In response to the dire situation, public health officials are often adjusting recommended preventive guidelines as new research reveals more about the virus and its symptoms. It is difficult for Amy Chen, who works as a clinical dietitian at a San Francisco Bay Area hospital, to ignore the threat to her own well-being. She is also concerned about unwittingly spreading the virus to her loved ones waiting for her at home. With the professional training she received, Amy believes that saving lives is an important duty. She and other medical professionals are willing to take the risks and see it through this crisis to help those in need.

凡事做最壞打算 做最好準備

新冠病毒來勢洶洶,看到每天以倍數增加的確診病例和死亡案例,心理層面的憂慮開始考驗著陳幸芬。在醫療機構裡,第一線醫護人員比其他人更有機會暴露在病菌中。沒有辦法完全避免所有的傳染源,想要降低生病的可能性,只能強化掌握在自己身上的免疫系統。多年來陳幸芬在太極門練氣修心,堅持天天練功,讓她的內心逐漸和緩、沉澱下來,不受外在環境所影響;從太極門掌門人洪道子博士身上學到「凡事做最壞的打算,做最好的準備」的信念,讓她冷靜地了解疫情狀況與最新資訊,不忘做到自己該做的基本原則與準備,像是進出病房都要保持手部乾淨、常洗手,不用不乾淨的手去碰自己的眼、口、鼻,同事之間保持安全距離(social distance),以及穿戴好防護措施等。

Prepare for the Worst and Give Your Best

The coronavirus outbreak ravaged the world. Watching the number of confirmed cases and deaths grow exponentially has taken a psychological toll on Amy as she and her colleagues work on the frontline of this pandemic. In a hospital, medical staff are more likely to be exposed to pathogens than others as there is no way to completely avoid coming in contact with patients. To reduce the risk of getting infected, the only thing Amy can do is boost her own immune system. For years, she has practiced qigong at the Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy. Persistent daily practice not only calms her mind, but also helps her mitigate environmental stressors. Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, Zhang-men-ren (head of the academy) once said, “Prepare for the worst, and be ready to give your best!” With this motto in mind, Amy is able to remain calm as she keeps up with the latest developments on the coronavirus. She follows standard preventive measures, such as frequent hand washing when entering and leaving the wards, wearing proper protective equipment, refraining from touching her face, and following social distancing guidelines.

均衡飲食 充足睡眠 保持心情愉快


Eat a Balanced Diet, Get Enough Sleep, and Stay Happy

During the pandemic, Amy Chen not only pays special attention to her own diet but also reminds her friends and relatives of the importance of a well-balanced diet in warding off diseases. She recommends the consumption of natural, unprocessed whole foods, and making sure there is sufficient protein, greens and fruits at every meal. In addition, she urges everyone to know the origins of their food when making purchases and to pay attention to food safety. During this critical time, avoiding raw food, drinking more water, getting regular sun exposure, maintaining good sleep habits and staying in a good mood are synergistic ways to boost your immunity.

“I stay at work for you. You stay at home for us.”

「用一顆溫暖的心關懷周遭的人,是我在太極門修身養性中學到的。」陳幸芬說,「付出」讓她的生命更有意義,「愛」讓她更容光煥發,特別是在這段防疫時期,每天在醫院工作的同仁彼此互相打氣、互相體諒和包容。她由衷感激防疫期間有很多親朋好友和社會大眾關心第一線醫療人員,防疫是需要大家一起努力的,就如美國社群媒體最近很流行的一句話:”I stay at work for you. You stay at home for us.” 只有彼此相互合作,才能讓防疫更持久、更成功。

“I stay at work for you. You stay at home for us.”

"Caring for the people around me with a kind heart is what I learned in Tai Ji Men as part of my self-cultivation," said Amy Chen. "Serving others" makes her life more meaningful, and "love" makes her more radiant, especially during this testing time. At the hospital, her colleagues would offer each other words of encouragement and work closely as a team based on mutual understanding. She is grateful for the support from friends, family, and the general public. Pandemic prevention requires everyone to work in unity, just like the trending phrase on social media, "I stay at work for you. You stay at home for us." Only through cooperating with one another can pandemic prevention be effective and enduring.



Caption: Serving others makes her life more meaningful, and love makes her more radiant. Amy Chen cares for those around her with a kind heart.


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